Business Automation In Action: How To Automate Sales Scheduling

Business Automation | Automate Sales Scheduling

Many business processes can be automated by linking commonly used platforms together such as triggering a personal email to a prospect who completes a contact form on your website (check out our quote request form here). One of the most popular ways to use business automation is with sales/discovery appointment scheduling.

It’s often most productive – for you and the prospect – to schedule a specific time for an exploratory discussion. This way, prospects can reach out to you when they are most interested, and you don’t have to waste time or manpower with unnecessary back and forth communication. When you automate sales scheduling, it saves you time and money and allows you to close more deals faster.

You’ll see big improvements in the number of website visitors that turn into qualified leads, the number of scheduled calls that turn into paying customers, and in the turnaround time of the sales cycle. If this all sounds like good news to you, it’s time that you automate sales scheduling.

A common scheduling platform is Calendly (though there are many others). Once this type of tool is integrated into your website and/or email/calendar platform, prospective clients can schedule a specific time to speak that books in everyone’s calendar and includes all access information and necessary details. This process is easy and efficient. You can see the form we use to book discovery calls here.

Platforms that automate sales scheduling often have features that can make the process even more efficient, like allowing the first available sales rep to receive the incoming lead appointment or capping the number of available appointments for the day, and even allowing you to adjust how far in advance a lead can schedule an appointment.

Automate Sales Scheduling In Your Business

When you decide to automate sales scheduling, you can create many paths for prospects to get on your calendar. For example, you can include a button on your website where prospects are most likely to be ready to schedule a call, you can include a link in your email signature, and anywhere else you might want to capture a lead. For more information about business automation like sales scheduling, Big Rig Xpress is here to answer your questions. Contact us today to start saving time and money in your sales cycle.

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