Photos And Your Website: How Important are They?

Why Photos and Images Are Important For Your Website

The best-sold advertisements of all time have one thing in common: they all boast breathtaking photos.

Some of them are so impactful, not one line of copy is needed to complement the ad’s message. That’s how powerful the right photos can be-not only in advertising, but in any medium. Your business’s website is one of them.

See, our brains love images. That’s because visual data (images, infographics, street signals) are far easier to process than text-60,000 times easier, to be exact.

Plus, folks today aren’t too fond of reading, either, so you’ll greatly benefit from adding images to your website.

Here’s how the right photos can instantly boost any website’s value:

Quality Images Increase Customer Trust

As a customer, which of the following would you rather trust?

  1. 1. A website riddled with tacky stock images of fake-looking businessmen smiling ear to ear.


  2. 2. A website that, despite containing Creative Commons (CC) images, they reflect the brand’s personality and look awesome.

You don’t have to answer.

The secret is looking for high-quality images that truly look like your brand. Don’t just use any image for the sake of it, or it will look cheap.

Images Make Great Pit Stops

  1. If a reader scrolls through a heavy chunk of tiny text on your website’s blog, they’ll likely bounce.
  2. It’s true-people are reading less than ever nowadays, especially when they want to find information ASAP. But there’s a quick way you can increase someone’s chance of reading your posts. You’ve guessed it: images.
  3. Images are the breather your reader needs to refuel. They read a paragraph. Image. Breather. They carry on reading for a bit. Image. Breather. When they realize it, they’ve reached the bottom of your text.
  4. When it comes to blog posts, try to distribute your images evenly. Don’t scatter photos everywhere-it’ll distract the readers. But also give them enough pit stops so they can sail smoothly through your blogs.

They Illustrate Your Point and Evoke Emotion

Images give your readers and prospects an idea of what awaits them.

For instance, a company website whose main heading follows a fine image of a hardworking team (even if it’s not their team, specifically) hints at their main values. Their powerful work ethic. Their diligence. Their authority. The right image can say all of that, and more.

The point is: no, you don’t need to upload 100 percent original images to your website every time. What you need to do is make sure they don’t look cheap or overused, choose images that represent your brand to the core, and use them judiciously. It’s as simple as that.

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