Cookie-cutter web builder platforms simply don’t meet the range of technical details required, nor the crucial one-on-one assistance needed to effectively launch a fully functional website online. So often, clients are left on their own, struggling to get their product to the finish line.

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Revolutionary Platform for Affordable Website Design

We offer 5 key advantages over “Do-It-Yourself” models:

  • Our experts will custom-design your premium website using WordPress, the most powerful Content Management System used today
  • We will tool your back office to insure your site is fully functional
  • We will perform on-going web hosting, website maintenance, security checks, and monthly activity reporting
  • You will have your own dedicated webmaster who will manage your website project, train and assist you
  • Custom design, management and hosting all included for a low monthly fee of $199!

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$199 a month includes:

A custom-designed website with our awesome team

  • We’ll discuss your brand and goals.
  • We’ll build you a premium WordPress website.
  • We’ll launch your site, fully loaded.
  • We’ll train you how to utilize your back office
  • We’ll monitor your site for top performance.
  • We’ll provide support with your new website.

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At Big Rig Xpress, we’re your on-going partners for success! Once your website is fully loaded and launched, our services don’t stop there. Our low, monthly installment plan offers extraordinary value on an on-going, monthly basis after your site goes live.

We’re focused on your long-term success by stepping outside the norm and providing a suite of monthly services that are critical to your business — without costing you an extra dime!

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We’re not just a website company, we’re a seasoned, growth marketing firm.

Big Rig Xpress is a branch of Big Rig Media, a full-service agency that offers comprehensive custom website design, graphic design, digital marketing and print media. Our skilled WordPress developers and account managers are all located in the United States – no outsourcing here! We’ve helped thousands of clients achieve success over the last 18 years in all 50 states and over 10 countries.

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