Will I own my own domain registration with Big Rig Xpress?

Absolutely! As a business owner, you should insist on owning your own domain. This is important intellectual property that insures your website will always remain under your control rather than being held hostage by those designing or developing your website.

How many pages does a Big Rig Xpress website include?

Your Big Rig Xpress WordPress website includes up to 10 pages and one contact form. We’re happy to include additional pages at a reasonable fee. Click here to fill out our request inquiry, and we’ll swiftly provide you with a proposal.

How long will it take to build out my Big Rig Xpress website?

Providing we have all of your information, files, photos, logos and docs, we estimate your site will be completed within four to eight weeks. Your website project’s success is based on a team effort between you and Big Rig Xpress, meaning the only hold-up could be as a result of insufficient docs and data we require from you. So, we encourage you to be prepared before we begin!

Who will host my website?

As part of your monthly package, Big Rig Xpress will host, update and manage your WordPress website, and will provide monthly performance reporting.

Do I own my website artwork created by Big Rig Xpress?

Big Rig Xpress offers a cost-effective website leasing solution for your business. All artwork created for your site remains under the ownership of Big Rig Express.

Website & Digital Marketing Services; Limited Agency. Following delivery of the Media, Big Rig will provide web site hosting, Pay-per-click advertising campaign management and paid social campaign management (e.g., Google, Facebook) through its Big Rig Express web site as a service (WaaS) platform on an annual subscription basis. Customer shall authorize Big Rig to use Customer’s credit card (a) purchase marketing space in accordance with the Media budget, (b) pursuant to Section 5 below. In connection with providing services hereunder, Big Rig has the right to utilize contractors, third-party companies, and vendors selected by Big Rig at its sole discretion to complete or support the completion of the work at hand. Purchased work from such vendors shall be made under such terms as Big Rig deems in its sole discretion as acceptable. Big Rig will be responsible for all cost associated with such vendors, unless Customer agrees to bear that cost on the Work Order.

Ownership Rights. Customer shall retain all intellectual property rights in any text, images or other components or ideas it owns and transmits to Big Rig for use in the Media. Customer shall hold the copyright for the version of the Media as delivered, together with any subsequent modifications to the Media, and Customer’s copyright notice may be displayed in the Media. Customer shall maintain ownership of any domain name(s) owned by Customer and supplied to Big Rig for development of the Media. Any domain name(s) registered on Customer’s behalf will be made in Customer’s name for both the billing and administrative contacts. The technical contact is generally required to be the hosting ISP. Big Rig will not register domain names in Big Rig’s name. Customer shall retain the right to move domain name(s) owned by Customer to other host servers not owned by Big Rig after the expiration of any hosting agreement between Big Rig and Customer. Customer shall retain the right to establish other domain names that, when accessed by users, will redirect web traffic to the Media. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Big Rig (a) shall hold all right, title, and interest, including copyrights, in and to any source code, objects code, programming, and/or original artwork or designs created for the Media, unless Customer and Big Rig have otherwise agreed in writing; and (b) is the sole owner of any Google, Facebook or other social media accounts through which the Media may be featured while Big Rig is hosting the Media, and the fees Customer pays to Big Rig hereunder include payment for a non-exclusive, worldwide license to operate the Media through such Big Rig social media accounts during the term of such hosting relationship.


What if I hire Big Rig Xpress to design a logo or an ad for an extra fee?

Then you absolutely own the artwork you pay for outside of your leasing agreement. It can be used freely by you at your discretion.

Do you handle all my WordPress updates?

Yes. We’ll also provide security and malware scans. We’ll keep your site up-to-date with WordPress’ most current core framework and formats and will make any necessary adjustments.

How are minor website edits or updates handled?

Big Rig Xpress allows for one hour of website maintenance per month as part of your $199 per month package. This also includes hands-on training once your site goes live. For any additional assistance, our team may further assist you at a rate of $95. per hour.

How much does additional functionality cost?

Any further custom programming is available at the rate of $95. per hour

Is SEO included in my Big Rig Xpress Monthly package?

Yes, we will conduct geo-targeted SEO and Best Practices. Any additional SEO or contact marketing can be achieved for an extra fee. Simply contact one of our sales reps by filling out the following form: Contact Us

Can I choose my own design?

Yes, Big Rig Xpress offers a variety of WordPress templates from which you can choose. Based on what your needs are, your account manager is happy to help you decide on a template that will best suit your needs and goals.

Do you offer digital online marketing packages?

Yes, we welcome you to contact our office, so we can craft a custom solution for you. Contact Us

Does my monthly Big Rig Xpress package include an email?

Yes, we’ll provide you with a free email using Zoho. If you’re seeking to use real-time emails that actively sync up your calendar, contacts and email folders on multiple devices, you’ll need to integrate premiere emails from providers such as Google or Office 360. We are happy to incorporate the desired premiere emails for an extra fee of $5/month per email.

Are you based in the US?

Yes, proudly we have been based in the U.S. with a loyal team of in-house experts since 2000. We serve a broad clientele throughout the U.S. as well as many countries outside the US.

What form of payments do you accept for paying my monthly installment?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

What happens to my old site once my new site is in process?

Our technicians will make a copy of your old site and will store in Dropbox. We will need FTP access, along with access to your data base.

May I take my website somewhere else for hosting?

Not under our Big Rig Xpress all-inclusive service package agreement.

Can I simply hire Big Rig Xpress to make edits or enhancements on my current site?

No, there are many technical details and perhaps glitches on your current website that are not as a result of working with Big Rig Xpress. We do not accept liability for website work outside of our domain.

I don’t need website management. Can I just pay for design?

No. Big Rig Xpress offers an all-inclusive website design, maintenance and hosting package for a low fee of $199 per month. It is in your best interest for our experts to maintain your site with the latest WordPress updates to protect your site from security breaches. We also provide additional scanning for viruses and malware.

Can I Purchase the site from you when complete?

No, Big Rig Xpress offers a monthly lease option that includes website design, on-going updates and maintenance.

Is there a mobile solution only?

All Big Rig Xpress websites are designed to be mobile-friendly on all devices. It would be unproductive to offer a mobile-only site, as many of your customers will be searching for your business using their desktop or laptop computers in addition to mobile.

Can I cancel at any time (even one month after) my site is live?

Big Rig Xpress requires an initial 12-month contract. It is month-to-month after that

If needed, how do I cancel my Big Rig Xpress website?

Following the 12-month contract, Big Rig Media (parent company of Big Rig Xpress) requires a 30-day cancellation notice in writing. Simply email help@bigrigmedia.com