Google Indexing: How Long Until My Website Can Be Found?

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When you look at search results on Google, you’re seeing a list of websites that have already been logged, categorized, and ranked to help show you the most relevant information possible. This process is known as Google Indexing. You might be wondering, “After I launch my new website, how long does it typically take to start being found on Google?” You’re certainly not the only one with this question but unfortunately, not even Google knows when your site will be indexed.

That probably wasn’t the answer you were hoping for but don’t worry, we’re going to sort through some facts and data to make sense of this process and hopefully give you a better understanding of how it all works. And even though you can’t control Google, there are some things you can do to help speed up the indexing process.

When a new website is created, Google can take a few days up to a several months to crawl the site, categorize the information, and build authority. Inbound links that point at your site, the authority of those links, and the amount of website traffic you receive all highly effect your site authority. Google thrives on high quality content, so the more people sharing and visiting your site, the greater authority it will receive.

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For a more direct approach to getting your new website through Google indexing, you can create a Google Search Console account and directly submit your Sitemap.

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To help even more, you can also: activate Google Analytics; link to your new website from an older website with established authority; get other influencers and websites to link to your new website; publish a regular blog; share your site and content on social media; and beef up your on-page SEO.

There are essentially two strategies to get your new website found through Google Indexing, and you can use them simultaneously: organic results and paid results. Obtaining organic search results is a long-term strategy that takes patience and determination, while paid search results can put you at the top of the list in the short term. Both can be very helpful if used correctly.

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