Print is Not Dead, Traditional Marketing is Alive & Kicking

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It’s true. The increase in the usage of smartphones and other devices has many companies teetering towards digital advertising over traditional marketing, particularly print ads. Not only does digital advertising offer a greater reach, but it’s cost-effective compared to printed material. But that doesn’t necessarily mean digital marketing should be the only go-to strategy.

Despite the digital revolution, print advertising has not gone bust. This traditional marketing style is not dead and shouldn’t be left out of campaigns. It presents many opportunities for brands.

Based on recent digital versus print advertising statistics, print ads drive stronger brand recall. Plus, this marketing channel is perceived by consumers as more trustworthy as opposed to online media when making purchase decisions. 

Recent Traditional Marketing Statistics (with a focus on print ads)

The following statistics were gathered from multiple studies conducted between 2015 and 2020. While this is a mere sample of surveys conducted on print marketing, it serves as a representation that physical ads are effective in two stages of the consumer journey–engagement in material and retrieval of information. 

Or for many purposes like:

  1. 82% of consumers trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision. (Source)
  2. Print ads require 21% less cognitive effort to process and generate a 20% higher motivation response. (Source)
  3. Close attention to print ads has more than doubled since 2009/10, from 23% to 49% in 2020. Emotional reaction to print ads is now 37% in 2020 compared to 22% five years ago. (Source)
  4. Print advertising drives higher brand recall levels than digital (77% vs. 46%). (Source)
Print Ads and Big Rig Xpress 

Traditional marketing/print materials come in many forms, including:  

  1. Full page ads
  2. Brochures
  3. Park maps
  4. Business cards
  5. Rack cards
  6. Banners
  7. Trade show booth signage
  8. Letterhead
  9. Envelopes

At Big Rig Xpress, we understand how print helps businesses like yours grow and retain interested and loyal customers. We have a dedicated team of experts specializing in creating, producing, and delivering the highest quality print materials based on your needs. You can expect printing services at wholesale rates with fast shipping. 

The Power of Two (or Rather the Power of 7): Combining Print and Digital Marketing 

Taking the Marketing Rule of 7 into consideration, by combining print and digital ads, companies can effectively increase their campaign exposure. Based on a 2020 post by Newsworkconsumers who see print ads also tend to visit the advertiser’s website—up 27% in 2020 from 12% in 2009.  

If your business already ordered a website from Big Rig Xpress, it’s a natural add-on to order traditional marketing material like print ads from a company that knows you and your business and has the experience to create eye-catching, professional material too. Contact us today, and let’s keep the marketing mojo on a roll for your company’s future success! 

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