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The Big Rig


You’re kind of a big deal, and everyone should know. Like the other two packages, The Biggest Rig puts you front and center on search and social, but also delivers your message directly to consumers’ inboxes. No one-and-done email newsletters here. You get monthly content to keep you top of mind and tracking to make sure you stay there. Got some big news to promote off the cuff? Just pick up the phone and we’ll create and send out something stellar.


  • Strategic keyword campaign
  • Competitive research
  • Custom audience creation
  • Geographic targeting
  • Creative ad design and copywriting
  • Remarketing
  • Google My Business integration
  • Visibility on millions of websites and apps in the Google Advertising Network
  • Reporting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Campaign management (i.e: “Grow Your Likes” campaign)
  • Ad creation based on behavior in social environments
  • Local event promotion
  • Lead generation
  • Email development, design, and copywriting
  • Testing on all devices
  • Custom list segmentation and creation

* Prices starting at $1650/mo and does not include one-time setup fee


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