What Are Landing Pages And Should I Be Using Them for My Business?

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Landing Pages are web pages that are specifically designed to highlight a particular marketing effort and/or capture visitor information for the purpose of lead generation and conversion.

Good landing pages target a particular audience from a traffic source like Google ads, email marketing campaigns, or a social media page. Most businesses use their website’s homepage as a landing page, but the latest market research indicates that creating dedicated landing pages for specific marketing efforts increases conversions and turns more visitors into paying customers.

Your business’s homepage is a great place for people to explore and find all kinds of information about your business. It most likely includes several destination links that will take visitors all around your website to find information. Landing pages, on the other hand, are meant to focus on one specific goal or action you want a visitor to take, instead of leading them to other pages and possibly to decision fatigue. Depending on where you visitor is in their buying process, a homepage can be overwhelming, whereas landing pages can declutter the decision-making process and point your visitor down a clear path to a conversion.

There are two main types of landing pages

Lead generation landing pages (or lead gen, or lead capture) and click-through landing pages.

  1. 1. Lead gen landing pages are built to capture information from a visitor to build a list of prospects. This list can be used in email marketing to send out important updates about your business, discounts and deals, local event promotions, etc.
  2. 2. Click-through landing pages are mainly used for highlighting a product, subscription, or service that you want the visitor to buy directly from that page. They usually consist of highly focused content that leads to a Call-to-action (CTA) like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Reserve Your Spot.’

Five Landing Page Trends You Should Know

More Reasons to Start Using Landing Pages
  1. Generate leads more easily by giving your visitors a single, targeted decision to make.
  2. Create a home for your special offers and discounts where you can direct visitors.
  3. Collect information from visitors through a targeted page and collection form.
  4. Utilize more tracking data on visitor behavior to create remarketing campaigns.
  5. Share landing pages anywhere, including email marketing, social media, etc.

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