Why Your Next Website Should Be A Service

Website as a Service | Website as a Service (WAAS) | Image by: freepik.com

Website as a Service (WAAS) is better for your business. A modern website needs to seamlessly evolve with the needs of your business and with changes in technology. You see it all around you, many, if not most technology solutions you purchase whether as a business or a consumer are morphing into ‘services’ v. ‘products.’ For example:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Microsoft365
  3. QuickBooks

Why? A big reason is that the underlying technology powering these solutions is constantly updating, improving, evolving, and it’s no different for websites. We’re way past a ‘set it and forget it’ world when it comes to websites, whether speaking about the frontend (what your customers see) or the backend (the technology that’s powering it.)

Big Rig Xpress provides an all-in-one Website as a Service (WAAS) platform that can seamlessly scale with the needs of your company and constantly evolve to keep up with the ever-changing web and technical landscape too.

Here are just a few reasons why Big Rig Xpress is the perfect website platform for your business for years to come:

1. It’s got over 30 modules

Think of it like a Swiss Army Knife. Whatever features your site needs tomorrow, it’s built in and can be thrown live like a switch. Want to add a Photo Gallery, done. Bring in your social media feed, piece of cake. “Hide” the blog for the off season, click, done.

2. Easy Refreshing

You evolved your logo and brand? Beyond putting your refreshed logo in place, again, click, Big Rig Xpress instantaneously updates the website color palette and fonts to match the new brand.

3. Marketing Ready

Time to get aggressive with your digital marketing? Great, your Xpress site is ready with tag managers, cookies, easy-to-deploy landing pages and other smarts that seamlessly go to work.

4. Always Compliant

You’re in perpetual compliance too; GDPR, in place. ADA, privacy statements, they’re all built in and can be easily added for any specific industry use-needs you have.

That’s a sampling on the features and functionality side. On the ‘Under the Hood’ and Service and Support Side:

1. Automatic Updates

Just like apps and software on your phone and computer, websites need to be constantly updated to the latest security, versions and operating systems. This expertly – and automatically – happens.

2. Content Updates, Easy

Want to make updates to your website’s content, info or pictures. It’s included and couldn’t be easier. With the easy-to-use CMS (content management system) you’ll be trained to make common edits yourself or we’ll do it for you. Included within the low all-inclusive monthly pricing, you’ll also get an hour’s worth of content changes.

3. Performance Reports

Who’s visiting your site? Where from? What pages are they looking at? Those insights are sent to you monthly and more, including information on the general health of your site.

And these built-in smart features are above and beyond the basic requirements of a modern website and having your website as a service. You get that and a lot more when you choose Big Rig Xpress as your business website partner for just $199/ month. Contact us now to get started.