Feature Highlight: “Listing Module”

Website Feature Listing Module | Listing Module

Our goal is to help our clients create a website that’s so awesome, their sales will go through the roof.

With them in mind, we developed over 30 different modules at Big Rig Xpress. They’re easy-to-add website modules with so many utilities, we like to compare Xpress to a Swiss Army Knife. Tons of features for all your needs, get it?

But today, we’re here to talk specifically about our Website Feature Listing Module, which is aimed at a special section of our clients: those who work in the manufactured housing community leasing and selling homes and RV lots. Hey, you!

This Listing Module was purpose-built for our core vertical markets, such as mobile home parks. So, if you’d like an amazing page to sell your properties while skipping the boring and laborious part, here’s how this module can help you.

It’s Functional and Easy to Use

Since the module is purpose-built for Big Rig Xpress (and other applications), it’s already part of your monthly installment. All you have to do is add it to your website and, hey presto, it’s ready to use.

Updating It is a Piece of Cake

  1. We know you’ll be selling a lot, so you need to have your listing information updated often. You can add, edit, or remove your listings using WordPress’ content editor, which frankly, anyone can use.


  1. Just kick your feet up and let us handle it. Your Xpress monthly installment includes an hour’s worth of monthly content updates. Rejoice!

You Can Sync It to Third-Party Listing Websites

Our Listing Module is XML-based, meaning you can move your current data and listings to other, common listing websites like MHVillage without repeating the creation process.

This makes your life much easier since you’ll be sticking to only one data source containing everything you need. Yep, we’ve just removed hours from your workweek.

Need a Powerful Tool to Attract and Convert Visitors to Your Site? You’ve Got It.

Ditch the “we sell homes” type of worn-out sales messages. You see them all over, already.

Instead, make it easy for potential buyers to consider your offer over hundreds of others. What you need is a complete listing with all the information they need about your homes and lots for sale, such as contact information, location, price, features…all in one page. One awesome page.

Ready to get those sales rolling? Give us a shout.