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Google Indexing: How Long Until My Website Can Be Found?

When you look at search results on Google, you’re seeing a list of websites that have already been logged, categorized, and ranked to help show you the most relevant information possible. This process is known as Google Indexing. You might be wondering, “After I launch my new website, how long does it typically take to … Continued

Mobile Friendly Website | Mobile First Website | Business Website | Outdoor Hospitality
A Mobile Friendly Website Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

For years now marketing experts have been telling business owners that their business website had to be a mobile friendly website. Well, it’s time for the next evolution because being mobile friendly isn’t good enough anymore- you must have a mobile first website, especially in the outdoor hospitality industry. CEO and Founder of Big Rig … Continued

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The Best Website Builder For Businesses

One of the most important aspects of any business is the ability to attract new customers. If you don’t already know, a business website is a must-have tool in your toolbox to help you achieve this goal. So, the next big question to answer is, ‘What is the best website builder for businesses?’ There are … Continued

Business Website Platform
Choosing A Business Website Platform With Longevity In Mind

One thing you might be worried about with your business’s online presence is – how long is my website going to last? When you choose the right business website platform, your website should last for years to come. A business website platform, also known as a website builder, is the software with which you can … Continued

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What Is A Domain?

If you’re interested in owning a website, you may have uncovered the term domain, and you probably have questions like, “what is a domain, and what is a domain used for?” In this blog, we’ll cover the basics of domain management to get you on the right track. What Is A Domain? A domain, or … Continued

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What Are Landing Pages And Should I Be Using Them for My Business?

Landing Pages are web pages that are specifically designed to highlight a particular marketing effort and/or capture visitor information for the purpose of lead generation and conversion. Good landing pages target a particular audience from a traffic source like Google ads, email marketing campaigns, or a social media page. Most businesses use their website’s homepage … Continued

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Why Your Next Website Should Be A Service

Website as a Service (WAAS) is better for your business. A modern website needs to seamlessly evolve with the needs of your business and with changes in technology. You see it all around you, many, if not most technology solutions you purchase whether as a business or a consumer are morphing into ‘services’ v. ‘products.’ … Continued

Get A Dedicated Team With Your Business Website

If you’re running a business, or thinking of starting one, you probably know that it’s vitally important to be visible to consumers. A business website is a must-have in today’s market, especially for the outdoor hospitality industry, like RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds. But it’s a monumental task to build and maintain an RV park … Continued

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Get Help Updating Your Website Every Month

Website maintenance and content updates are extremely important for your business website for two main reasons: 1. Customer Perception When potential customers visit your website, they want to know that they are looking at the latest information from you and your business. Website content that is perceived as old or outdated can easily push visitors … Continued

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Website Feature: Use Event Calendars To Draw A Crowd

When visitors come to your RV park website, they undoubtedly have questions. The first questions most potential visitors have is, “How much money?” The second, “What’s there to do at this place?” A great way to showcase activities in your park and in your area is to add an Event Calendar to your RV park … Continued