Time for a Digital Facelift? Essential Signs for a Website Refresh

In today’s digital age, your website is often the first point of contact potential customers have with your business. A well-designed and maintained website can attract new customers, enhance your professional image, and serve as an effective marketing tool. However, an aging website might be the red flag signaling it’s time for a website refresh. … Continued

Saving Images for Your Website
Saving Images For Your Website

Big Rig Xpress designs, manages, hosts, and even makes needed changes to your business website (up to one hour per month) for a low monthly fee of $199. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add images to your gallery and make minor edits yourself. Your website design also comes with a training session showing you … Continued

Updating Your WordPress Website | Big Rig Xpress
Updating Your WordPress Website: How Big Rig Xpress Keeps You Safe?

Have you ever gone to a website to find the contact form throws errors, photos in the gallery show that little broken photo icon, or it seems to take forever to load every page. The cause of those issues is usually a lack of updates and security checks on that site. Aside from being annoying, … Continued

High-value Websites | Website | DIY
High-Value Websites are Rarely DIY

Why should I pay $199 a month for a website when I can get one for $14 a month from places like Wix? It’s a common question potential customers ask us all the time. We get it. There’s a big jump from $14 to $199. But for those of us in the business of creating … Continued

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New Year’s Resolution for Campgrounds – Get a FREE Digital Marketing Plan

Every trip around the sun brings changes and new opportunities, including new digital technologies. The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your marketing strategies and bring them up to date. Google Ads – Formerly knowns as AdWords, make it your New Year’s Resolution to be seen where your customers are searching, browsing and … Continued

Content Creation | Business Website | Image by: freepik.com
Outsource Content Creation For Your Business Website

When it comes to creating content for your business website, DIY is not your best option. A great way to take this task off your plate is to outsource content creation to a professional. Let’s face it, wordsmithing isn’t for everyone, and unless you have specialized experience or training, you might be doing more harm … Continued

Google Indexing | New Website | Image by: freepik.com
Google Indexing: How Long Until My Website Can Be Found?

When you look at search results on Google, you’re seeing a list of websites that have already been logged, categorized, and ranked to help show you the most relevant information possible. This process is known as Google Indexing. You might be wondering, “After I launch my new website, how long does it typically take to … Continued

Mobile Friendly Website | Mobile First Website | Business Website | Outdoor Hospitality
A Mobile Friendly Website Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

For years now marketing experts have been telling business owners that their business website had to be a mobile friendly website. Well, it’s time for the next evolution because being mobile friendly isn’t good enough anymore- you must have a mobile first website, especially in the outdoor hospitality industry. CEO and Founder of Big Rig … Continued

Best Website Builder for Businesses | Business Website | Image by: freepik.com
The Best Website Builder For Businesses

One of the most important aspects of any business is the ability to attract new customers. If you don’t already know, a business website is a must-have tool in your toolbox to help you achieve this goal. So, the next big question to answer is, ‘What is the best website builder for businesses?’ There are … Continued

Business Website Platform
Choosing A Business Website Platform With Longevity In Mind

One thing you might be worried about with your business’s online presence is – how long is my website going to last? When you choose the right business website platform, your website should last for years to come. A business website platform, also known as a website builder, is the software with which you can … Continued