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Website maintenance and content updates are extremely important for your business website for two main reasons:

1. Customer Perception

When potential customers visit your website, they want to know that they are looking at the latest information from you and your business. Website content that is perceived as old or outdated can easily push visitors to leave your site and find a competitor with fresh content.

Keeping your content updated also reassures website visitors that someone is at the helm, and that they can make a reservation or a purchase in confidence.

2. Search Engine Ranking

Search engines like Google rank websites based on a several factors. Websites that are updated regularly are ranked higher in searches than older websites that are updated less frequently. A good example of this process is the website, Wikipedia. Anyone can update any page on Wikipedia, so this has led to the site being almost constantly updated. Because of this, Wikipedia shows up at the top of search results for an enormous number of searches.

That is an extreme example of course, since most business websites are not being constantly updated, but updating your website regularly can help it to appear higher in search results and be more competitive.

Another reason to keep your website content updated for search engines is because the older your content, the less relevant it appears to be. Search engines try to provide users with the most relevant content to their search, so outdated websites will rank further down in results. You can stay at the top of search results by maintaining regular website updates.

Keeping Your Site Updated
Updating Your Website

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