Keep Your Eyes On The Ball: Inspire Your Web Leads With Prompt and Enthusiastic Contact

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The Single Most Important Step of Lead Generation

You’d be surprised at how many companies neglect or outright forget the single most important step of lead generation: contacting the prospect in an attentive, enthusiastic way.

“How can I help you?” no longer cuts it. In a perfect world, prospects would be showered with attention and interest at every touchpoint, receiving personalized messages (even if automated) and feeling welcome throughout their journey.

Sounds simple, right? Because it is. But without proper investment in the right tools, it all becomes a shot in the dark.

As a digital marketing company, we drive a lot of inbound contact forms and phone calls. We make sure they’re both easily trackable, fast, and helpful for prospects. Bluntly speaking, you’re better off putting your marketing on hold until you accomplish this. It’s that important.

Without properly contacting your potential clients, you’re losing $$$ and doing your business more harm than good. Keep that in mind.

So, how can you inspire your leads and keep them engaged as they get in touch? Follow the same steps we take at Big Rig Media and set your company up for success.

How to Delight Your Web Leads With Prompt and Enthusiastic Contact

Reply to Inbound Inquiries Blazingly Fast

We’re not joking. Prospects have no time to waste and several businesses to turn to if you’re slow to reply.

The solution? Automation. But not automation alone: you must offer as much information as it’s necessary to remove objections as fast as possible. For instance, you could complement a warm automated welcome with:

  1. The next steps they can take to get the answer they’re looking for (i.e. a whitepaper or a checklist).
  2. A link to a schedule where they can easily select the best time to speak to a representative.

The goal is to offer prospects as many available options in the shortest amount of time, and they’ll direct themselves from there. Self-servicing is the word.

Track All of Your Inbound Calls

What can’t be measured can’t be improved. Remember this.

That’s why tracking your inbound calls is a crucial step: it will gauge the quality of your team’s engagement with potential customers, identifying potential gaps as well as areas for improvement. It’s one of the best investments you can make if you’d like to increase conversions.

If you need a bit of direction, we recommend CallRail. It is compliant, setup is easy, and it greatly improves the content of your conversations.

Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

We’re big fans of CRMs over here. They’ve been helping us measure the success of our efforts, as well as build stronger relationships with our customers. And we all know that customer retention + loyalty = profit.

The right CRM will help you achieve the same for your company. Not to name drop, but we’re Pipedrive enthusiasts. You can give it a free test drive and decide whether it meets your business’s needs right away.

The Bottom Line

You’ve worked your head off and invested cold hard money to attract those leads. Don’t fall through now.

Several companies stick to superficial, mechanical, old-fashioned contact, which results in poor engagement and ever poorer conversions. But now you know something they don’t.

Want to see how perfect contact should be done? Go to Engage with us. See what happens!