Reasons Why You Should Update Your Stale Website

Why You Should Update Your Website | Pages Don't Load Fast Enough

Google can take a whiff of websites that are unsecure, outdated, or “barely there”. So can your visitors.

According to Google itself, its mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Websites whose latest posts are years old can’t offer useful and current information. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly or say “not secure” before the URL aren’t trustworthy enough. Not for 2020 and beyond.

Google and your visitors will see those things and say “that’s not what I’m looking for” or “that’s not what visitors are looking for”. Just as your mobile apps offer monthly updates to give users a better experience, so should your website.

Here are a few reasons why you should keep your website up to the minute:

Remember: Technology Doesn’t Wait

Whether you do the work by yourself or hire a provider who offers Managed WordPress Maintenance, you should be up to date with the latest technologies and search engine algorithms. The most valuable tip we can give is: don’t loosen up. Sites need either small, consistent changes every month (like bug fixes and smaller updates), or bigger and significant changes every year (like a complete layout refresh). Whatever your budget can afford. What you can’t do is let your site get stuck in time.

Why You Should Update Your Website | Pages Don't Load Fast Enough

If Your Pages Don’t Load Fast Enough, It’s Bye-Bye Visitor

  1. You’re dying to see a higher-quality rendering of an image–but it just won’t load. Maybe even the whole site seems to be against you. Will you stay? Only if you have a lot of time to spare.
  2. Truth is, most users don’t, and will leave a site if loading time takes more than 5 seconds. If you’re guilty of this and want to decrease your bounce rate, your next step is to take a page load speed test, and speed it up if needed.

Prospects Will Frown Upon Content That’s Too Old

Ever look at a website and are 100% sure its layout is from somewhere between 1998-2005? People notice that, too. They also wince at “the ultimate guide” which turns out to be from two years ago. If a lot can happen in an hour, imagine in years.

Don’t insult your visitors like that. Give them content they will be delighted to read and share TODAY.

Why You Should Update Your Website | Pages Don't Load Fast Enough

Persistent Security Issues Could Get Your Site Hacked

Do you want your website broken into? Of course you don’t. Then, you should know that an outdated software is a field day for hackers. Always be on the lookout for software updates (and actually upgrade when you see them). For instance, you can keep track of WordPress available updates via e-mail–you should be pinged whenever a new one is available.

Also, use HTTPS to ensure your visitors the connection is secure, and that their privacy is safe in your website. Plus, Google will boost the rankings of websites with HTTPS, when compared to those without it.

If you want to double-check the performance of your website’s security, you can always invest in security scanners. If you don’t, trust the work of an expert.

Why You Should Update Your Website | Pages Don't Load Fast Enough

Search Engines Favor Up-To-Date Content

Say your website has reached a favorable position (among the top 10) for an important keyword. You did it!

But then, you start to get too comfortable. After all, the hard work is done, right? Well, not really. The more you update your site, the more search engines will crawl it. The “fresher” your content is, the more valuable it is–both for search engines and humans.

From a holistic approach, give your users the best-quality, most complete and updated site you can. Google approval usually follows.