Single Page Website vs Multi Page Website for SEO Marketing

Single Page vs Multi Page Websites | Multi Page Websites

If your business offers a single product or service, one page websites are great. They feature straight-forward navigation. There’s no way to get lost. They viewer just learns about the service by looking at the pics and scrolling to the bottom. The call to action comes last. Single page websites can have one or more SEO terms. They are also inexpensive and easy to view on mobile devices.

Multi-Page Websites

Your business started out as a small oil-change station, but you’ve grown…a lot! Or you have big plans to do so. Now you offer all kinds of products, like many brands and weights of oil – both natural and synthetic, all types of filters, windshield wipers, and a customer rewards program. You sell all sorts of tires, fix flats, change & rotate tires, and balance wheels. Coming soon – a bigger garage, computer diagnostics, and several mechanics to fix all engine problems.

And now, the small amount of SEO on your old one page website is not sufficient to allow searchers to discover what, exactly, you do.

You need a multi page website, here’s why…

If customers have to take in all of that information by scrolling down just one page, they will become discouraged and ‘bounce.’ One-page websites can actually cost you customers.

With a multi page website, you can segment your information, so viewers can find exactly what they are looking for by looking at the menu…
  • Every type of product or service gets its own page.
  • Every page gets its own unique meta data (SEO).
  • Pages like ‘About’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Testimonials’ increase customers’ confidence.
  • Customers don’t have to read through information they don’t need in order to get to the part they DO need.
  • Having the additional SEO for the added pages increases your search-ability.
  • More pages means you can add pics of products as you grow.
  • Clear website navigation means more sales.

Internet users have been accustomed to navigating websites via the menu bar for at least 25 years. Modern technology now allows multi page designs to works as smoothly and quickly on mobile devices as on desk-top or lap-top computers.

Take a look at these stunning designs by Big Rig Xpress. All of these multi page websites feature menu bars, beautiful graphics, and look great on mobile devices.

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