Using Your Website To Guide Your Customers: Seasonal Landing Pages

Landing pages

Do you know why Google’s search engine is so popular? They’ve made it their business to design a system that quickly gives you the exact information you want when you want it. They even go as far as to pull the precise information from a webpage you need and display it in a little box at the top of the search results. Like Google, an effective website guides your customer to the exact place they need to be as easy as possible. Customized landing pages are one tool you have to do that.

This is the first part of a series aimed at providing you with some of the tools you can use to point your customers to the right place to look for the information they need to decide to click the “Reserve Now” or “Buy” button.

What are Landing Pages

Your website focuses on all the aspects of your business. Landing pages are one-page primers about a specific area of your business with a clear call to action. Think of them as crossing an alternative homepage with a simple one-page website.

A landing page’s primary purpose is to capture information through a lead gen form or act as a one-page sales pitch that convinces the customer to buy a specific product or service directly from that page.

A Real-World Landing Page Example

Homepage - Buddy's Backyard

Buddy’s Backyard RV Resort Home Page

Big Rig Media created a website for a company that owns an RV resort in the Texas Hill Country. Like many RV resorts, they cater to travelers/vacationers. But they also offer long-term stays.

Rather than require those interested in staying a while to pour through several pages to see if long-term stays are offered, we created a long-term stay landing page for them.

Long Term Landing Page

Buddy’s Backyard’s long-term landing page tells customers exactly what they need to know to take action.

Now when ads are created, or searches are made by potential customers looking for a long-term option at an RV resort in the Texas Hill Country, they don’t have to sift through pages and pages to find the info they are looking for.

The location, the amenities offered, nearby attractions, and an easy way to reserve their stay, are right there on one single page.

Using Landing Pages To Target Seasonal Customers

Landing pages can be used to target any subgroup of potential customers you want like:

  1. On location workers
  2. Long term stays
  3. Those looking to stay near facilities like hospitals or universities
  4. Customers looking for places near theme parks, landmarks, and bodies of water

Or for many purposes like:

  1. Promoting large annual events
  2. Highlighting special discounts
  3. Featuring specific products or services you offer

Big Rig works with many RV parks, and one great use of landing pages is to create seasonal pages that cater to the different types of customers that seasons bring.

Four Season Parks

Some outdoor hospitality locations are open year-round. Summer campers are looking for summer activities like fishing and swimming. Fall and winter campers are looking for wintery things to do.

In these locations, a landing page that lists all of the summer fun and local attractions your area offers and another that lists all the nearby winter attractions allows you to target each group separately with your marketing efforts.

Summer Fun / Snowbird Locations

Some RV locations in the southern states have lots of fun-in-the-sun summer activities and then turn into long-term winter parks full of visitors from colder northern conditions. This type of property may have weekend family activities and pool parties and cater to short-term weekend getaways during the summer. But in the winter, the goal changes to attracting snowbirds (or Winter Texans, depending on your location) for long-term stays.

While the main website will have information on both long-term stays and summer fun, it’s a safe bet that the families who want an exciting fun-for-all-ages weekend aren’t interested in reading about the benefits of snowbirding at Florida Forever RV Resort. And those planning their long-term winter stay probably don’t care that the resort does a red, white, and blue tye dye extravaganza every year on the Fourth of July.

Having landing pages catering to each one allows you to promote to those groups easily.

The Holiday Rambler Location

Some hospitality businesses have huge annual events centered around holidays like the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, and Christmas. These are occasions when families are looking for exciting places to stay. You don’t want those potential customers to have to go to your home page, find your events calendar, then look for the date they are interested in.

Event landing pages highlight precisely what the business provides for that holiday every year and gives them a clear call to action to book their stay on one single page.

Advertising Landing Pages

In addition to attaching them to targeted PPC ad campaigns, social media, and QR codes, you can also send out landing pages in your email newsletters to specific groups of people. That is if you segment your mailing list.

Land More Sales With Big Rig Designed Landing Pages

Contact Big Rig Xpress to find out how we can help you add seasonal or targeted landing pages to your existing Xpress site. If you’re not already a customer, let us build you the business website you deserve, landing pages and all.

It’s essential to contact us about landing pages well before the season or event you are trying to promote to ensure it’s ready in time to work for you.

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