Website Feature: Custom Forms – Why They’re A Must Have

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One of the main reasons to have a website is to hopefully turn visitors into clients or customers.

So, what’s the easiest way to accomplish that other than by sending out a smoke signal or posting on social media until your fingers hurt?

Well, one way is to have a custom contact form on your site for visitors to connect with you.

What’s a custom contact form?

You’ve probably seen one or two in your time if you visit websites often.

They’re an area on a website provided by its owner where you can submit a question, enquire about a product, etc.

Once you fill out the form it makes its way to the owner who will read it and hopefully respond quickly.

The reason you want a custom contact form on a website – especially if it’s for business or if you’re selling a product or service is for those very reasons: for potential clients and customers to reach out.

Here are a few other reasons content forms are important:

1. Keep Spammers at Bay

A contact form on your website not only makes it look more professional but also keeps scammers and other undesirables at bay rather than having an email address. Forms secure the website and afford more control.

2. Helps Social Media Avoiders

Contact forms are great for visitors who avoid social media. They see a contact form and it’s much easier for them to communicate.

3. Get New Clients, Customers

You can customize a contact form to get a better idea of what a visitor is needing or wanting. Supplementing the contact form with pertinent questions could generate more leads.

Just Add It

Adding a custom form is a simple step that might be just what you need on your website to get all the above and grow your business.

Let Big Rig Xpress work with you to create the optimum form(s) to maximize conversion and get you the info to help you best engage with new prospects!