Website Feature: Use Event Calendars To Draw A Crowd

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When visitors come to your RV park website, they undoubtedly have questions.

  1. The first questions most potential visitors have is, “How much money?”
  2. The second, “What’s there to do at this place?”

A great way to showcase activities in your park and in your area is to add an Event Calendar to your RV park website!

What’s an Event Calendar?

It’s exactly what it sounds like- an organized list of events or activities based on date, time, and location that website visitors can peruse to feed their curiosity about what there is to do in your area.

Since these potential guests are looking for things to do, it can be especially helpful if your website provides these details. Hopefully, the more help your website can provide, the more time the user will spend on your website and the more likely they are to book at your RV park.

How can I use an Event Calendar?

If you host events, excursions, services, or any other scheduled activities at your RV park, this feature is a no-brainer. You want people to know about your events and people want to know about them. This is a great solution.

Even if you don’t host events at your RV park, calendars can be useful for showcasing local events in your area.

To make it easier, you can use sources like Facebook, Google Calendar, CSV, and more to fill up your calendar with events that your potential guests might be interested in.

Here are some local event ideas to consider:

  1. Food festivals and Farmers markets
  2. Live music, large and small venues
  3. Athletic events, marathons, races
  4. Trade shows, swap meets, flea markets
  5. Local attraction scheduled events
Event Calendar Tips

A calendar can be extremely helpful for potential RV park guests when they are making that crucial decision about where to make their reservations.

Be sure to keep your event calendar updated and full of helpful, useful and valuable information, like event times, prices, what visitors can expect from the experience, and where they can find more details if need be.

Adding an Event Calendar

We are here to help!

Let Big Rig Xpress work with you to incorporate an event calendar that draws the crowds, and reservations, to your business.