4 Ways To Digitally Promote Your Offers and Events


When you have special offers, big events, and other occasions at your business that you want to promote, it’s important to put the news on your website. Big Rig Xpress sites have an event calendar feature, pop-up windows, and other features that can get the word out to those who visit your site. Putting the information on your site is an excellent first step. Still, if you really want to get the word out there and drastically increase the visibility of your marketing campaigns, you will want to expand your reach with the following ways to digitally promote your offers.


Email is still king when it comes to marketing ROI. The customers who subscribe to your business newsletter are familiar with your brand and already buy or are interested in what you are selling. This makes your newsletters the perfect place to start when you want to digitally promote your offers.

Need to grow your email list? Big Rig Xpress sites come standard with email sign-up capabilities on your website that make it easy for you to create your own newsletter and special opt-in offers.


PPC Ads show up in search results and on any website that runs ads. The main beauty of PPC Ads is that Google, Facebook, and other ad companies only charge you when your ad is clicked, and your ad has the potential to reach 1,000s of websites and social media feeds across the country. They can also be configured with your ideal customer’s location and demographics.

The main advantages of PPC ad campaigns are they:

  1. Drive traffic to your website instantly.
  2. Target your potential customers.
  3. Have easily measurable stats.
  4. They are budget-friendly and scalable.

PPC ads are like a digital billboard, but instead of potential customers driving past on a freeway, you deliver it right to your potential customer’s screen.

Promote Your Offer On Google My Business

Having an updated Google My Business Profile is a must for any business in today’s world. It’s what allows your business to not only show up on Google Maps, but it gives customers the right phone number, website URL, and the ability to see reviews about your business when customers search for you through Maps or even Google Search.

As a business owner on Google My Business, you can add photos, videos, and links to blog posts right on your Google My Business Profile. Restaurants can upload their menu and photos of their food. RV parks/resorts can upload photos of their event flyers and promotional images.

If you’re not sure about how to set up your Google My Business account or claim your business on various other directories, we can help. Big Rig Xpress website customers have access to our directory claiming package add-on. We will help you claim, build out, graphic design, and optimize the most common Internet directories for your business.

Social Posts

Aside from designing a social media PPC ad campaign for your big promotions, a great tool to digitally promote your offers is your business’s social media page. You aren’t limited to just those who follow you on Facebook, either. When you boost a Facebook post, you are essentially turning it into an ad allowing you to reach a wider audience that may be looking for your product or service. Just like ads, boosted posts can be targeted to specific demographics so your promotions find your ideal customer.

Digitally Promote Your Offers and Events With Big Rig Xpress

As your business grows, your digital marketing needs grow along with it. At Big Rig Xpress our goal is to not only provide you with a fantastic scalable website as a service for a low monthly cost of $199. We also offer numerous other add-on services that can boost your exposure and revenue.

We provide three marketing packages so you can choose the one that matches your needs and marketing budget.

  1. The Little Rig: A rock-solid Google Ads campaign with reporting will give you a major boost in visibility.
  2. The Middle Rig: The Middle Rig gives you everything in The Little Rig plus cross-channel social media marketing, which is key to higher conversion rates.
  3. The Big Rig: The Big Rig puts you front and center on search and social but also delivers your message directly to consumers’ inboxes. No one-and-done email newsletters here. You get monthly content to keep you top of mind and tracking to make sure you stay there. Got some big news to promote off the cuff? Just pick up the phone, and we’ll create and send out something stellar.
We know that every Big Rig Xpress customer may have unique marketing needs.

We encourage you to schedule a call, and we can put together the perfect custom package to digitally promote your offers and your business today!

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