How to Change Header Images in Wordpress
WordPress 101: How to Change Header Images

If you’d call yourself a WordPress “newbie”, you know just how stubborn the platform can be when you’re just getting started. Sure, it’s one of the easiest platforms for beginners out there in the world “wild” web. But what even is “easy” when you know nothing about putting a website together? Not to worry. We’re … Continued

Website Updates for 2021 | Essential Website Updates
New Year, New Online You

You’ve made it! What kind of year will this one be? Will it be the long-awaited year when you finally renovate and redesign your website that you’re proud to show the world, or just another year of awkwardly saying “yeah, we haven’t updated it in a while…”? Hard is as it is to believe, some … Continued

How Often Should Websites Be Updated | Updating Website Content
How Often Should Websites Be Updated?

Some website content is continually refreshed, others never get updated. When was the last time you updated yours? Websites that never get new content quickly look old, and to visitors, it looks like they’re closed for business. Have you ever visited a website with dated pictures, a blog that was last updated a year ago, … Continued

SEO | Blog | Blogging | The Value of Blogs
The Value of Blogs

If you don’t have a blog for your business, you’re falling under the radar – of visitors, leads, ideal consumers, collaborators, and anyone else who could be helping you scale. Not having a blog means ignoring (at your peril) one of the most vital aspects of content marketing. It’s that important for your conversions, as … Continued

Why You Should Update Your Website | Pages Don't Load Fast Enough
Reasons Why You Should Update Your Stale Website

Google can take a whiff of websites that are unsecure, outdated, or “barely there”. So can your visitors. According to Google itself, its mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Websites whose latest posts are years old can’t offer useful and current information. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly or … Continued

Why Photos and Images Are Important For Your Website
Photos And Your Website: How Important are They?

The best-sold advertisements of all time have one thing in common: they all boast breathtaking photos. Some of them are so impactful, not one line of copy is needed to complement the ad’s message. That’s how powerful the right photos can be-not only in advertising, but in any medium. Your business’s website is one of … Continued

What’s the Difference Between Wordpress Themes and Templates?
Themes and Templates – What’s the Difference?

Thinking about building your own website? Start with how you want it to look. The theme is the look and feel of the entire website. A template defines the layout of a single page. Themes include several different templates. Themes In WordPress, for example, a theme includes all of the things that you typically associate … Continued

Single Page vs Multi Page Websites | Multi Page Websites
Single Page Website vs Multi Page Website for SEO Marketing

If your business offers a single product or service, one page websites are great. They feature straight-forward navigation. There’s no way to get lost. They viewer just learns about the service by looking at the pics and scrolling to the bottom. The call to action comes last. Single page websites can have one or more … Continued

Pros and Cons of DIY (Do It Yourself) Website
Your Business Has Grown Up – Your Website Should Too

DIY or Pro Website? Stop! If you are the rare person who not only runs his own business, but also has the time to develop his own website, can write well, understands SEO, knows coding, can create eye-catching designs with professional graphics, and has a built-in flair for marketing, stop right here. This article is … Continued